Corporate Services


Establishing HR systems and process implementation, review & sustenance along with some best practice sharing in HR. This can be run as a project for the period of 6 -12 months.

Our HR advisory deliverables include:

  • Understanding the business and expectations from HR. This will be presented to the top management in the form of a report. This will be collated through various interviews and employee survey.
  • Documentation of HR policies and processes
  • A rollout of employee development, communication and motivation related initiatives
  • Identify career progression & development needs and their rollout
  • Identify manpower rationalization related needs/areas in various functions locations if required

Personnel audit is a case study of human resources in an organization with the main objective of analyzing the current state of the organization and improving the performance of the organization as a whole and the optimization of human resources.

PFB Resources method includes reviewing your current human resources policies, procedures, documentation, and strategies. The audit will establish best practices, identify opportunities for improvement, identify areas of improvement and enhancement, and ensure compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.

The growth of any organization depends on the talent it has and this mainly rests on the processes it follows for recruitment.

PFB Resources offers specialist recruitment solutions across wide-ranging business functions. Our recruitment process is simple, yet value adding. It involves the understanding of your business and its hiring needs and based on the same, designing our search plan, perform the initial screening of the candidates and validate the credentials of the selected candidates by way of reference checks.