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Expired on: Jul 30, 2021


  • Ensure the creation and implementation of a long term strategy designed to grow the business daily
  • Develop and organize goals, consistent with mission and vision of organization, with set deadlines for achievement
  • Provide tactical programs that enable pursuit of targeted goals and objectives
  • Ensure overall timely delivery and evaluate results from staff
  • Develop, recommend and set timely budgets both annual and quarterly
  • Maintain set budgets to ensure steady progress to financial goals of company
  • Discuss monthly financial statement with the Managing Director
  • Engage in key customer(s) and staff activities especially those with close deadlines for key businesses
  • Oversee key hiring and talent acquisition (including outsourcing) for the organization
  • Evaluate and decide upon key proposals for investments, capital acquisition, infrastructure and expenditures of the organization
  • Marketing and Promoting the business and its products/services
  • Set aside daily interactions (either phone, email, or written) for activity reporting to the Managing Director
  • Serve as an overall spokesperson and chief company leader in the absence of the Managing Director

AT THE CORE OF THIS ROLE OF GENEAL MANAGER IS monitoring junior staff, carrying out deals and company activities as you would your own business.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: LEKKI
Sorry! This job has expired.